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Login users : How do I change my default login page?

When you login to SuperControl the first page you are taken to is your Payment Reminders page. You may want to change this so you login page directs straight to the grid view for example.

To do this ensure your login access level is set to "Super admin" in Admin > Login users. If you're not set to this access level please ask your "Default user" to change this setting for you.

1. Go to Admin > Login users.

2. Click on Menus next to your login username:

3. Select "Auto update" = No:

4. Click on the "+" icon next to the menu where your new default page belongs e.g. Bookings.

As you can see the dot is currently selected on your Payment Reminders page.

5. To change your default login page to the grid view, click on the dot next to Grid view:

6. Click Save.

7. Revert the Auto Update box back to "Yes" and Save.


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