Help CentreUsing SuperControl Managing HousekeepingHow do I email my housekeepers their arrivals and departures?

How do I email my housekeepers their arrivals and departures?

1. Go to Bookings > Charts & reports > Housekeeping report (bulk).

2. Enter your date range, choose a cover letter (if you don't have one set up click here to find out how), and tick what information you would like to show:

3. Click "Toggle options" to include additional information for your housekeeper.

4. Click "Filter".

5. A list of housekeepers with relevant arrivals/departures will display underneath. To email all housekeepers their report click "Email--All"

6. Your emails will be loaded into your queue above. If they don't appear click "Reload queue".

7. Click "Send Emails Now".

8. You will be presented with a pop-up informing you of the wait.

9. Once complete this message will display:

10. Your housekeepers have now been emailed their arrivals and departures.


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