Using SMS for messaging guests

Ensure you have your letter templates set-up first before you schedule them following the guidence below. SMS messages use the same templates as emails, but cannot include images or logos.

1. Go to Emails/Letters > Automated emails/SMS.

2. Click Add new group, enter a Group name eg. “Guest emails” and select how they should automatically apply and click Add group.

All Bookings: the email will apply to all bookings.

Property Group Bookings: the email will only assign to selected property groups.

Property Bookings: the email will only apply to selected properties.

3. After the new group has been created select Add new letter > Go.

4. Select your letter e.g. Key code reminder then click Add letter.

5. You will then be automatically forwarded to the page to schedule the SMS.

Tip: Assuming you would want to send the key code on the day before arrival, then your schedule settings would like something like this:

Please note:
The Delivery method selected needs to be Send letter via SMS

6. Select the recipients.

7. Click Update letter.

8. To add additional letters to be sent via SMS to the same group repeat the process above.

Set the times your SMS messages send to guests

To avoid your guests being alerted to any of your SMS alerts during the night, schedule the period during the day when you know is a good time for them to receive your messages.

1. Go to Admin > SMS settings.

2. Tick "Turn on custom times" and enter your time periods:

3. Click Save.

How can I increase my SMS credits?

1. Go to Admin > SMS settings.

2. Click "Buy more credits".

3. Select the number of credits you need and click Save.

4. Your SMS credits have now been added to your account. You will be sent an invoice shortly afterwards.