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Why am I receiving an "Access denied" message from Incapsula?

Technical terms used in the instructions:

WAF - Web application firewall. Security system protects the application from attacks and suspicious actions.

Whitelist - Function on WAF that allows use of SuperControl without any security restrictions.

Standalone - Physical or virtual machine/environment where the customer/owner is fully responsible for working and configuration.

Cloud - Hosted on the “share” physical infrastructure but only the owner has access to this account for configuration.

Our WAF system blocks your application due to suspicious behaviour.

This can be related with two things:

First thing: Your application doesn't have proper security (WAF etc.) and someone can scan your webpage to find a weak point.

Now is time to take action and protect your web page with the WAF. On the market is a lot of the solutions. One of them are standalone but this will be no needed to you. In your case we propose a cloud WAF one of the proposal below: but you can pick one that you think is best for your business.

Second thing: If you have WAF but still get the block screen ask your developer about any code changes as there can be a wrong request which can be treated like a potential attack.

If you want to get confirmation or you are unsure, please deliver the incident ID. Below we mark where to find this:

Once we receive this the support team will help solve this issue. We know this can highly impact your business and in 99% we can resolve this type of the problems in 2 hours.