How do I enable the guest login?

1. Go to Admin > Guest Login.

2. Here you can edit the content within your guest login:

You can add a new page: You can add new pages to the guest login. You might want to list local events or include information about the area. Click here for set-up instructions.

You can upload documents: Here you can upload files that might be useful to your guests. For example, a copy of your terms and conditions or details of local attractions etc. Click here for set-up instructions.

Add Welcome content: You can add custom text to the home page to welcome the guest to the login area. Click here for set-up instructions.

Update URL: Every guest login has its own unique URL e.g ( If you wish to update this to create a more search engine friendly URL, you can do so. Instead of it reading “supercontrol-cottages” you may want to change it to “holiday-cottages-scotland”. 

View your Guest list: Click to view all guests who have registered for the guest login. If you ever want to see what they see, you can click “Impersonate”. Click here for set-up instructions.


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