Help CentreUsing SuperControl Managing the Guest LoginHow do I set-up My Stay Planner, the Guest Login?

How do I set-up My Stay Planner, the Guest Login?

How do I set-up the welcome text in the guest login?

1. Go to Admin > Guest Login. We call the guest login 'My Stay Planner'.

2. Click Welcome content.

3. Enter the content to be included on the home page of your guest login.

4. Tick "Enabled" to set the welcome text live within the guest login and then Save.

You want to make this inviting! It will be the first thing your guest will see as soon as they log in. Keep it short so it doesn't push the booking detail too far down the page.

How do I add a Page to the Guest Login

1. Go to Admin > Guest Login.

2. Click Add new page.

3. Enter a Title for the page and then enter your content.

4. Tick "Enabled" to set the page live within the guest login and then Save.

Remember to plan your pages before you start, as they will appear in the order that you add them in.
You can not re-order them later.

You can leave Enabled next to the Save button unticked for any pages that you are still working on.

If you would like to include pages in other languages, you can do this by selecting the Language drop down.

It will look like this in your guest login page.

The pages will appear on the left hand side, when the guest logs in.

How to add images to your page

You can add photos or images to your pages in the Guest Login by following this video.

How to add a video to the Guest Login

You can easily add videos hosted on YouTube to the Guest Login.  The following video explains the process.

How do I How do I upload a document in the guest login

1. Go to Admin > Guest Login.

2. Click Upload document.

3. Enter a Title for the document and then click Choose File.

4. Navigate to the file you wish to upload from your computer and click Open.

5. Tick "Enabled" to set the document live within the guest login and then Save.

It will appear like this at the bottom of your guest login page.

When the guest logs in, the document will appear on the bottom left hand side. Property specific documents will be shown in the bookings section, if it relates to the property which the guest has booked.

How do I upload property specific documents for the Guest Login?

You can upload documents that are specific to each property.  These will only show in the guest login when the guest has booked the relevant property.

The following video shows how to upload both generic and property specific documents.

How do I add a YouTube video to a Guest Login page?

You can add a Youtube Video to the Guest Login, following this guidence:

How do I upload property specific information for the Guest Login using custom property fields?

In addition to uploading property specific data using documents you can also add content using custom fields.  This is especially useful because you can merge the same content easily into auto emails.

If you have key or lockbox codes which you regularly change.  This is a good option to share the information and keep it up-to-date.

1. Go to Properties > Custom Fields.

2. Type in Field Name, select Field Type, tick Guest Login and click Add New.

3. To enter the information, go to Properties > Edit > Custom Fields (next to the specific property). Add in the information and Save.

In My Stay Planner, their guest login, the guest can see this when they select Actions drop down and Other Info.

How do I set my booking extras to display in the guest login?

In My Stay Planner, the in-built guest login, you can give guests the opportunity to select booking extras for their stay. This is a great way to upsell and allows the guest to choose if they’d like to add any extras after they’ve booked.

1. Go to Properties > Booking extras.

2. If you wish to enable an existing extra in the guest login click “Edit” next to your chosen extra.

3. Set “Show in guest login” to Yes. Click Save.

The guest will be able to see the booking extras when they select the Actions drop down menu and click Booking Extras.

The guest can select the quantity and the price will be added to the booking balance.

How do I manage multiple brands in the Guest Login?

You may have multiple locations or brands within your business.  With SuperControl you can add multiple "sites" to manage these brands and provide specific information within the Guest Login.

The video below shows you how to add brand specific information to the Guest Login.

Also read the article on you can also upload the relevant logo for each site.

How do I collect guest names, ages and gender on the booking form or guest login?

SuperControl will always collect the contact details of the lead guest.  If you want to collect the details of other guests in the party then you can do so.

Go to "Admin > General details".

Scroll down to the "website booking form options" section.

Tick the box to "collect guest names, gender and age".

There are several option available:

  • Do not accept initials - this means that the guest must enter their name, i.e. John Smith instead of J Smith.
  • Show gender dropdown - if you need to record gender of each guest.
  • Show age dropdown / show ages over 18 years - these two options show a slightly different way of collecting ages.  Details in the video below.

  You can choose to just use the Guest Login to collect names.  This is especially useful for Channel bookings where you haven't been passed much detail.


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