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How to cancel a booking

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1. First you need to navigate to the booking.

2. If you know the booking number, click on the Search button on the top right of the SuperControl pages and enter your booking number.

You can also go to Bookings > Grid view. Once you load your grid you can click on the booking to take you into the main area for that booking OR you can go to Bookings > Search bookings and use the filter options to find your booking.

3. Click the red "Cancel" button and click "Cancel booking".

4. You can choose to set prices to zero, remove options/extras and remove scheduled owner payments (Agency only) before you click Confirm cancellation.

Please note:
You will only see the option Remove scheduled owner payments, if you are having an agency account.

5. The page will refresh and you will have a Cancelled Booking stamp on the your screen:

6. If your booking shows a negative balance, you can set this to 0 in the refund box and save.

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