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How can I view statistics for my repeat bookings?

1. Go to Statistics > Repeat bookings.

2.  You can filter by all properties or filter statistics for a specific property. Select your date range and click Filter.

3. You will now see percentages on “First time customers”, “Customers with bookings in previous years” and “Customers with multiple bookings this year”.

4. To view further information on each percentage, click the link and you will be directed to a page that’s displays the relevant bookings.

Note: If you click on the link within “Customers with bookings in previous years” and no data displays, you will need to adjust your date range to include previous years.

Target your repeat guests with a loyalty voucher code for money off their next booking

1.  To email multiple email addresses with voucher codes, we suggest using MailChimp. Click here to view instructions on how to set up MailChimp.

2. Go to Database > Filter and select the filter parameter as “Number of bookings = Greater than “1” and click Filter.

3. Choose your list to send the data to in MailChimp and click “Send to MailChimp”.

4. Set up your voucher code by going to Vouchers/Offers > Generate voucher. For further information on adding vouchers click here.

5. Once the voucher is saved you can create your email in MailChimp and include your voucher code into the template.

Watch our video to see how you create your email template in MailChimp


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