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How do I add my booking extras?

Booking options are optional extras that can be charged to the customer, such as bed linen, dogs, or a hamper. These extras can be set up with an optional charge or you can set booking options up with no fee associated. Booking options gives the guest the opportunity to purchase added extras to make their stay more enjoyable, and it gives you the chance to upsell by adding goods and services to a booking. 

How do I add my options/extras?

1: To add Booking options, go to Properties > Booking options. Type the option name into the box provided.

2: Click "Next" to fill in the Booking options summary screen. 

The Booking options summary screen shows the following:

Option name
The name of the extra item.
Page order
This is the order in which you want the options to show.
Default VAT %
Enter if applicable.
Show on housekeeper's reports
If you set this to "Yes" the option will show on the housekeeper login area.
Show on owner's booking summary: (AGENCY only)
If you set this to "Yes" the option will show on the owner's booking summary.
Show for online bookings
Select "Yes" if you would like this option to display on your website booking process.
Show in guest login
To add Booking options to Guest login, make sure that the Show in guest login is set to "Yes". To learn more about Guest login, see What is Guest login?
Default payment
Choose whether you want the option paid with your Balance, Deposit or 50/50 Split.
Auto-remove [x] days prior to arrival
This enables you to stop offering booking options so many days prior to arrival. Certain extras might require a few days notice to arrange, for example a food hamper, so removing the option will give you time to prepare. If you want the option to only be available at the time of booking, select "Cannot add after booking".
Auto-add when duration is
Allows you to automatically add when a booking exceeds a certain number of days. A good example of this is to automatically add fuel costs or additional housekeeping if the booking is greater than or equal to 14 days.
Auto-add when guest numbers are
Automatically add a value if the guest numbers are greater than a certain number. Add an extra cleaning fee if the number of adults + children exceeds six, for example.
Date restriction
Choose whether an option should only be enabled by an exact date range or all year round. You can amend the exact date or month settings once the option has been added.
This allows you to group options and extras into applicable categories on the booking form and guest login. You might use a category if there are options/extras to do with activities, or food and drink. If you don't use categories, your options and extras will be in a single list.
Owner payment date
The date when payment for the booking option is due (AGENCY only).
Quantity available across all properties
Use this if you have a limited number of extras: for example, if you only have three cots but five properties.
Don't itemise to guests if a default option
Use this when the extra is included in the price. If this is ticked, and the extra is added by default, then the guest won't see it itemised in the booking. When the booking is saved the extra will still be itemised. It will just be hidden for the guest.
Here you can upload an image for the booking option. 
How do I add prices for options/extras?

1. Go to Properties > Booking options and click on an option name to add prices for your option/extra. 

2. You can set the price to calculate as a fixed amount, per night, per person – per week – percentage of rent, or per person per night. 

3. Set the VAT rate, if applicable.

4. Agency users:  You can assign an option to pay to owner – this will only show money due to the owner if there is an owner rate added. 

5. Max for this property – if 0 then the option won't display for that property. If you want it to show there must be a max number entered. For example, if a property allows up to 2 dogs, then the max would be 2. 

6. Default – set the number you want to show as the default number on your website e.g. Booking fee = 1

7. Months - from which month would you like the option/extra to show.

Please note that whatever is input will auto-save (there is no "Save" button).



tell me how to remove booking options

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Jill,

I have uploaded a new article to explain how to do this. If you need further guidance please let us know.


For a fee that you require for all bookings, such as housekeeping, where can I add that? It's not really appropriate in this section. I don't want to have to manually add it to each booking after the fact. And I also don't want to absorb it into my rental costs. I want it to be a separate line item in my booking, but required in every booking made. Where does something like this go?

Rosie Georgeson

Hi LG,

You would add your housekeeping fee as an options/extra but set your "Default" value as 1. This means it will get added to every booking automatically and will display as a separate line within your bookings. For instructions on how to do this follow these steps within this article You will see there is a column for "Default" and enter the value as 1.


Hi, I need to add a late booking fee option, which I have done, I need the cost to be auto added to bookings that come in 3 days before arrival, how do I do this please

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Justin,

I'm afraid you cannot add a booking fee to only add 3 days prior to arrival. You can only set it to automatically add either of these three ways:

On every booking
When the duration of the booking is a greater/less than or equal to a certain number of days
When guest numbers are greater/less than or equal to a certain number of people

If you require further help with this please let us know.

Kind regards

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