How do I edit my options/extras?

1. Go to Properties > Booking options.

2. To amend the details of an option click "Edit", here you can update the main settings.

3. To update the price or how the option is assigned to a property, click on the option name:

4. Here you can update the price against any property, update the amount available and select months that the option is allowed:

If no properties display in this window it means you have no properties currently allocated to that option. To add properties select "All properties" from the top left and then you can start to add prices etc. Please note in order for an option to be enabled you need to enter a "Max for this property" (this is how many that property allows during a stay) eg. Property only allows only up to 2 dogs, so you would enter "2".

To edit your option settings individually within each property, you can do this by going to Properties > Edit > select property > Options/Extras > Go.


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