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Master Cancel by Rental Guardian

SuperControl has teamed up with Rental Guardian to bring you Master Cancel, flexible cancellation protection that enables guests to book risk-free. It protects you (the owner or agency) and so in turn your guests as well. This type of policy is typically seen in the hotel sector and has never been available to holiday rental operators before. It is available exclusively to SuperControllers. More information about Master Cancel.

How do I apply and get started?

  1. Log into your SuperControl account and go to Integrations> Insurance Products> Rental Guardian> Settings.
  2. Complete the application form and click 'Send form' to send your application to Rental Guardian.
  3. Rental guardian will then contact you. Completing the form does not commit you to anything and you can choose which of the RentalGuardian products you would like to use.


How does Master Cancel benefit property owners and agencies?

By providing flexible cancellation terms to every guest, Master Cancel: 

  1. Enables guests to cancel for any reason between 60 days and 2 days before check-in date. You then refund the full amount they have paid, then claim 90% of the booking value if the dates don’t get re-booked.
  2. Motivates potential guests to book direct because of the flexible cancellation terms you provide;
  3. It covers all booking sources, including OTA (Online Travel Agents) bookings;
  4. By participating in Master Cancel and adopting flexible cancellation terms and conditions, you qualify for commission discounts and favourable placement with OTAs;
  5. Qualifies property owners/agencies like you for:
    1. 2% channel management discounts with Airbnb (*Property listings that are on Super Strict terms with Airbnb pay 16% commission, those with more flexible terms pay 14% commission.);
    2. Favourable placement with Online Travel Agents (OTAs) like Airbnb, HomeAway, and
How does Master Cancel work?
  • Property owners/agencies enroll in Master Cancel then update your booking cancellation terms and conditions to provide flexible cancellation to every guest. 
  • Guests may cancel for any reason. 
  • The flexible cancellation terms and conditions must be included with every booking in your portfolio. 
  • Property Managers receive lost revenue from cancelled bookings in certain date ranges:
    - from 60 days to 2 days from check-in.
How much does Master Cancel cost and who pays for it?
  • The cost of the programme is 4.4% of the booking total. 
  • The 4.4% charge is only for the booking cost (aka lodging or rental unit cost only). 
  • Property owners/agencies incorporate the 4.4% cost into each booking. 
  • Property owners/agencies adjust booking rates as they see fit to cover programme cost. 
  • For example, if a Manager adjusts the booking amounts by 5%, they can retain 12% of the increase to each booking.
Can I just pass along the entire cost to the guest as a line item?

No. Because Master Cancel protects the property owner/agency, the cost must be included in the booking charge and not be itemized.

Is there a programme fee or deductible that the property owner/agency must pay?
  • Property owners/agencies pay a 10% deductible if the cancelled stay is not successfully re-booked.
  • The deductible is waived if the stay is successfully re-booked to at least 50% of the original booking value.
  • Property owners/agencies keep the commissions earned on re-bookings as well. 
  • Property owners/agencies reimburse the guest the full 100% of the deposit or non-refundable amount that was paid by the guest.
What are advantages of Master Cancel to the guest?

Master Cancel allows guests to book with confidence, knowing that if they cancel for unforeseen circumstances that arise, they will be refunded their valuable booking deposit, fostering peace of mind and a positive opinion of the property owners/agency.

What are the advantages of Master Cancel to the property owners/agency?
  • Property owners/agencies enhance guest satisfaction through flexible cancellation terms. 
  • Flexible terms result in more bookings, additional OTA discounts, and favourable OTA placement in their online listing portals. 
  • Property owners/agencies are reimbursed for lost booking revenue resulting from the guest-friendly cancellation terms.
How does the property owner/agency get reimbursed when a guest cancels a booking within the coverage period?

Its fast and easy! Just follow these easy steps: 

  1. Go to: 
  2. Provide key data points about the booking. 
  3. Start receiving timely reimbursements.
How are reimbursements calculated? (showing example calculations)
  • Reimbursements are determined in US dollars and paid in the requested currency based on currency exchange rates as published on the date of loss. 
  • Reimbursements are offset by any successful re-booking fees earned. 
  • The property owner/agency keeps the standard commission on the re-bookings. 
  • For example, if a $1,000 stay is re-booked for $550, and your standard commission is 15%, you will be reimbursed $532.50 [$1,000 lost booking -$550 re-booking amount +$82.50 (15% of the $550 rebooking amount) =$532.50.
What else do we need to know about Master Cancel?
  1. Master Cancel provides reimbursement directly to the property owner/agency (Master Cancel does NOT reimburse the guest). 
  2. Master Cancel is included with every booking (Master Cancel is NOT voluntary or optional). 
  3. Master Cancel is paid for directly by the property owner/agency (Master Cancel is NOT charged as a separate line item to the guest). 
  4. Master Cancel is a programme that reimburses property owners/agencies who offer flexible cancellation booking terms and conditions to their guests (Master Cancel is NOT an insurance policy offered or sold to the guest). 
  5. Master Cancel reimburses only for those cancellations that occur between days 60 and day 2 before check-in date (Master Cancel does NOT cover last minute cancellations on the Day Before or the Day of check-in).
How do I get started?

You can get started right away! Just do the following: 

  1. Log into your SuperControl account and go to Integrations > Insurance Products > Rental Guardian > Settings. Complete the RentalGuardian and Master Cancel application form and submit.
  2. Confirm your property management software is connected with RentalGuardian. 
  3. Participate in and complete training on the Master Cancel programme. 
  4. Start offering new Master Cancel flexible cancellation terms to your guests.
Is there a list of specific disclosures about Master Cancel?
  1. Master Cancel is NOT in effect for any bookings made prior to completion of: 
    1. the RentalGuardian application form, 
    2. the full API integration, and, 
    3. written final approval from RentalGuardian and/or InsureStays.
  2. Booking cancellation terms & conditions must comply with Master Cancel requirements. 
  3. Participating property owners/agencies shall mandate the Master Cancel flexible cancellation terms & conditions on every booking. 
  4. Property owners/agencies do NOT directly (line-item) charge guests for the Master Cancel programme cost. 
  5. Master Cancel reimburses only for cancellations 60 days to 2 days prior to guest check-in. 
  6. The property owner/agency is responsible for costs arising from cancellations 61 or more days prior to check-in and will not be reimbursed by Master Cancel for such cancellations. 
  7. Master Cancel does NOT reimburse for lost booking revenue for cancellations made 1 day before check-in, the day of check-in, or during the stay. 
  8. Guests may voluntarily opt-in to purchase travel insurance to cover last minute cancellations and other risks that arise during their trip, given there is no such coverage provided to the guest by Master Cancel. 
  9. Claims for reimbursement are filed at: 
  10. All Master Cancel reimbursements are offset by re-booking fees, less the property owner/agency's standard commission earned on the re-booking amount. 
  11. The property owner/agency is solely responsible for ensuring that the updated cancellation terms and conditions meet requirements and qualifications for OTA discounts and favourable OTA placement.
How does it work with bookings from OTAs like Airbnb?

Master Cancel is added to all bookings whatever the booking source. However, the amount you are refunded can differ depending on the channel and the cancellation policies that you select.

Eg if you are on Flexible, Moderate or Strict cancellation terms with Airbnb, you would not receive any money from Airbnb for the booking until the arrival date. This means that if the guest cancels within the allowed window of that cancellation policy, they would be refunded (by Airbnb) the amount they have paid in full. In this situation, because you (the property owner/agency) have not received any money for the booking, you would have to pay the 4.4% fee yourself to be able to claim the lost booking revenue if those dates were not re-booked. This reduces the amount you would be reimbursed.

If you have a listing on or HomeAway, you would have received the money the guest has paid, so any refunds would be issued by you (the property owner/agency) in the same way you would deal with a cancellation of a direct booking and the guest will have covered the 4.4% fee.


How does Master Cancel collect the 4.4% payment from me?

Payment is taken by card, the details of which you add to the Rental Guardian portal.

Can I use Master Cancel for bookings for some of my properties but not all?

No. Master Cancel is applied to all properties and all bookings taken more than 2 days prior to arrival.

What about bookings taken less than 2 days before the arrival date?

There is no Master Cancel fee added to bookings taken less than 2 days before the arrival date because you cannot claim.

What if a guest cancels less than 2 days before arrival?

Master Cancel doesn't cover cancellations made less than 2 days prior to arrival. This would be covered in your own terms and conditions.

Why do we only get 90% back when we claim?

Legally you are not allowed to profit from cancellation protection. Because there are certain costs not incurred if the guest doesn't stay at the property (eg. cleaning, laundry, utilities) this cap was established to ensure that you don't accidentally profit by default.

If I want to absorb the 4.4% cost and not add it to the holiday cost, how do I set that up in SuperControl?

You would need to reduce your prices in SuperControl by a round number (eg 5%), then add the 5% as an uplift when you set up Master Cancel in your SuperControl account.

What is the difference between Master Cancel and Booking Protect?

The main difference is that Booking Protect is refund protection for your guest whereas Master Cancel is cancellation protection for you (the owner/agency).

If you sign up with Booking Protect your guests will be offered refund protection at the time of booking. This allows them to apply directly to Booking Protect for a refund if they need to cancel their booking. (Certain criteria will need to be met for them to claim back what they have paid). If the guest decides to take it out, they pay for it at the time of booking when they pay their deposit. It will show as an extra (that they opt-in to buy) in the booking total.

If you sign up to Master Cancel, the guest can cancel for ANY reason between 60 days and 2 days prior to arrival. This enables you to offer flexible cancellation terms for all bookings (whatever the booking source). If a guest cancels (from 60-2 days prior to arrival) and the dates are not re-booked, you refund the guest the full amount they have paid (eg the deposit) - without having to ask why; you then claim 90% of the full holiday cost back from Master Cancel. Plus - if you re-sell the dates at a discounted price from the original booking, you would claim the difference. Master Cancel is automatically applied to EVERY booking. It is not an opt-in choice for the guest as it protects you (the owner/agency) and for that reason the cost of Master Cancel is included in the booking total that the guest pays without being itemised. You need to update your terms and conditions to add that Master Cancel is included.

If you currently use Booking Protect, check how much notice you need to give to end your contract (check your Terms and Conditions with Booking Protect).

Can I cancel Master Cancel in a provisional booking does not convert

If you take a provisional booking which doesn't convert to a confirmed booking (i.e. the guest doesn't pay) then you can remove Master Cancel so that you don't need to pay the premium.  To do this login to the Rental Guardian portal at  Then go to "Manage > Coverage".  Click on the relevant policy and there is an option to cancel.  
Note that this should only be used for unpaid bookings.


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