Help CentreUsing SuperControl Managing Guest loginHow do I upload a document in the guest login, My Stay Planner?

How do I upload a document in the guest login, My Stay Planner?

1. Go to Admin > Guest Login.

2. Click Upload document.

3. Enter a Title for the document and then click Choose File.

4. Navigate to the file you wish to upload from your computer and click Open.

5. Tick "Enabled" to set the document live within the guest login and then Save.

It will appear like this at the bottom of your guest login page.

When the guest logs in, the document will appear on the bottom left hand side. Property specific documents will be shown in the bookings section, if it relates to the property which the guest has booked.

How do I upload property specific documents for the Guest Login?

You can upload documents that are specific to each property.  These will only show in the guest login when the guest has booked the relevant property.

The following video shows how to upload both generic and property specific documents.

How do I upload property specific information for the Guest Login using custom property fields?

In addition to uploading property specific data using documents you can also add content using custom fields.  This is especially useful because you can merge the same content easily into auto emails.

If you have key or lockbox codes which you regularly change.  This is a good option to share the information and keep it up-to-date.


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