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How do I set up Secure Trading with my SuperControl account?

1. First you need to email our support team your Secure Trading Site ref, Secure Trading Username and Secure Trading Password. Also confirm if you have/don’t have a MOTO account set-up with Secure Trading.

2. Our support team will then carry out payment testing to ensure the integration works correctly. Then they will confirm that you are ready to start taking payments.

3. Go to Integrations > Online payment gateways > Secure Trading. Once you have read the information please tick to confirm.

4. Then enable your card types by going to Admin > General details and tick your card payment options.

   Tick “Show to public” to allow the guest to select these payment types when booking online.

5. Scroll down to the heading "System settings" and tick "Show payment link in booking summary". This enables guests to pay online via a payment link when you send them a copy of their booking summary by email.

6. Click Save.

7. You’re now ready to start taking payments! Click here to see how to take payments within SuperControl.


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