Help CentreUsing SuperControl Managing Guest loginHow do I add a page to My Stay Planner, the guest login?

How do I add a page to My Stay Planner, the guest login?

1. Go to Admin > Guest Login.

2. Click Add new page.

3. Enter a Title for the page and then enter your content.

4. Tick "Enabled" to set the page live within the guest login and then Save.

Remember to plan your pages before you start, as they will appear in the order that you add them in.
You can not re-order them later.

You can leave Enabled next to the Save button unticked for any pages that you are still working on.

If you would like to include pages in other languages, you can do this by selecting the Language drop down.

It will look like this in your guest login page.

The pages will appear on the left hand side, when the guest logs in.

How to add images to your page

You can add photos or images to your pages in the Guest Login by following this video.

How to add a video to the Guest Login

You can easily add videos hosted on YouTube to the Guest Login.  The following video explains the process.


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