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I can’t log in, how do I reset my password?

1. Go to and click on “Forgotten your password?”

2. Enter your user name and type in the security code as it is displayed.

3. Click “Remind me”.

4. The next page will either ask, if you want your password sent to your mobile number (only if you have your mobile number added in SuperControl) or it will prompt you to answer your security questions.
Enter your answers and click “Submit answers”.
Click the link, if you don't know the answers to your security questions any longer.  Please use this link

5. If you have answered your security questions, the next page will ask you to create a new password. Then click “Reset My Password”.

6. If you have triggered a new password to be sent to your mobile, you can use this new password to log in as normal.

Note: Having a new password sent to your mobile is the most efficient method.
This option will only be available if you enter your mobile number within Admin > Login users > Security questions (on the right hand side of your login details).
Remember to do this when you log in the next time.


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