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How do I interpret the Property Performance Report?

The property performance report allows you to see how your properties are performing for a chosen date period.

This is one of the most used reports in SuperControl. You can identify which of your properties perform the best - then use this information to identify why other properties aren't performing as well. 

If you need to provide a report to evidence that your property has been let out for a certain number of days in the last year, we suggest that you use the Property Performance Report.

1. Go to Statistics > Property performance

2. Filter by the dates desired and click Go

3. To download the file click on the green CSV icon next to the Go button. 

Analysing your results (click on the image below to enlarge):

Please note - clients using the LITE or MEMBER packages will not have access to this report. If you use these packages, and need us to generate these figures for you, please contact the Support team and we will happy to assist. Contact us at:



The characters in the tables are too small for me to view . Need a magnifier. Must be my eye sights

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Anne,

Click on the magnifying icon on the bottom left of the image and it will enlarge it for you.

Kind regards

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