One-way vs two-way

You may hear us talking about one/two-way integrations and iCal links. These are the types of connections we have with our channels. 

One-way integration

This is where SuperControl sends over availability and pricing, but the channel doesn't send any information back. With these integrations you will want to add in the bookings you receive on these channels manually. Typically, these integrations only exist on the less popular channels. To make double bookings a lot less likely you can create an iCal link to a one-way integration (iCals are discussed below).

Two-way integrations

Two-way integrations are where (as a minimum) SuperControl sends over availability and pricing and the channel sends back bookings. Some channels accept more information, for instance discounts. All of the most popular channels (e.g., AirBnb etc) use two-way integrations. 

ICal links

ICal links are calendar integrations which sync dates only. ICals are a great back-up to one-way integrations where it will block out the dates in your calendar, meaning no one can book these dates via another channel.


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