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How to set up my custom short break departure grid?

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If you have a custom departure grid enabled in your account it means you can be in full control when it comes to departure days for your short breaks. If you require this add-on to be enabled within your account contact [email protected].

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Settings > Go.

2Scroll to the heading "Short breaks" and you will see your custom departure grid:

3. On the left hand side you are presented with "Arrival days" and along the top of the table you will see columns for "Allowed departure days".

For example, if you want to allow a guest to arrive on a Monday and depart on a Thursday or Friday only, you would tick these boxes. 

If you allow a 7 night booking from a Monday, ensure you tick Monday as well:

This means for any number of nights below 7, the guest can depart on a Thursday or Friday (3 or 4 nights).

If a guest is staying for one week or more and you wish to be slightly more flexible you can use the "7+ nights" row to do this. For example, from a Monday if a guest stays more than a week you may allow them to depart on a Thursday, Friday, Sunday or Monday and it would look like this:

It will then display like this to a guest:

4. Once you have your short break settings complete for each day click Save.

5. To populate these settings to your Price Planner click "Update short breaks for this property".

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