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How do I enable a card to allow repeat payments?

1. First you need to navigate to the booking. If you know the booking number you can enter this in the booking number search in the top right of the SuperControl pages.

You can also go to Bookings > Grid view. Once you load your grid you can click on the booking to take you into the main area for that booking OR you can go to Bookings > Search bookings and use the   filter options to find your booking.

2. Ensure you have your guests address added in the booking then select your payment method.

3. Enter your guests card details and tick "Process balance or security deposit using the same card".

4. Tick the payment you wish to take (Deposit, Balance or both) and then tick “Process online using Sage Pay”.

5. Click OK.

6. Click Save.

7. When the time comes to process the balance the card is already registered to take repeat payments. To process the balance tick "Balance paid".

8. Select the SagePay repeat payment method.

9. Tick "Process online using Sage Pay" and Save.

10. You should receive a SUCCESS message, click OK.

Always ensure your online payments include a Sage Pay reference number. This proves the transaction is successful. If there is no reference number then you haven’t completed the payment correctly. You can delete this and try again.

How you can tell if a guest has allowed their card to be used for further payments: Against their initial deposit payment there is a small card icon. If this is blue then the card has been enabled to process future payments. If it is grey then it won’t allow a repeat payment option.



Termanology; Conflicts with that used by Worldpay: Please explain if 'allowed' 'for further payments' is 3D secure / non-secure for the futher payment. Is your 'further payment' a 'pre-authorisation' (therefore 3D secure), as this determines expensive non-secure transaction charges?

Many thanks.

Rosie Georgeson

Hi there,

If you enable a card to be enabled for a future payments then this does not go through 3D security, unless you have a different set-up with your merchant provider. Alternatively you will need to send the guest a payment link for them to carry out the payment themselves once payment is due (

For 3D secure charges this will only apply to our fully integrated payment processors such as Sage pay or Secure Trading. HolidayRentPayment does not have these charges and you don't require a merchant account to set up with them. If you require more information on this including fees go to Integrations > Online payment gateways > Holiday Rent Payment > Application Form.

Kind regards

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