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How do I change payment processors?

If you would like to change from payment processor to another or cancel your integration follow these instructions. Make sure you have your account number to hand and all guests have paid in full as once deactivated, if a guest has only paid one payment, the second payment will not go through. The guest would need to make an alternative payment to the property owner. 

Opayo (Sage Pay)

To cancel your Opayo (Sage Pay) integration, please  call Sage Pay on +44 (0) 191 479 5922.

You will need to provide Opayo (Sage Pay) with your Vendor name, merchant ID, contact name and email address.


If you are looking to change merchant numbers, please follow the link below and complete the merchant number change form: or email

Trust Payments (Secure Trading)

Secure Trading's Account Management team will try to retain the business or issue a cancellation document with all relevant information.  

To contact Secure Trading email or call +44 (0) 1248 672050.

HolidayRentPayment (Yapstone)

To notify HolidayRentPayment that you are cancelling your account with them, email or call +44 (0) 203 514 3841 and they will deactivate your account.


How do I manage the interim during switching?

Once the integration with the previous payment processor has been disabled, no payments can be taken by card until the integration of the new payment processor is completed. During this period, you could use PayPal or bank transfer.


N.B. Clients in the UK or Europe should not use the Percentage Supplement feature. This is in place solely for those clients in jurisdictions where a card supplement may still be explicitly charged.

Bank Transfer

You can also email any bookings imminently due balance payments, and request payment by bank transfer instead.

How do I switch to the new payment processor, once I've deactivated the old one?

Please let support know once you're ready to switch by emailing Follow our helpful guides on how to integrate with the new payment processor.


There are no set up fees for HRP. It is a seamless integration makes processing quick and easy for you and your guests.


What if I have a booking which has paid the deposit with the old payment processor and needs to pay the balance using the new payment processor?

This means the card details will no longer be available to take the balance. You will need to request for other payment methods. You could send them the payment link via email or bank details for a bank transfer. Alternatively, you can give the guest a phone and take payment over the phone.

What if I have a 30 day notice period with my current payment processor?

We would recommend that you let us know 7 days before this period ends to set up the new payment processor.

How do I refund a guest if the payment was taken via the old payment processor?

If the payment was taken by SecureTrading or Opayo, you can do this within their dashboard. Alternatively, you can refund the guest via bank transfer.


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