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Updates for channel integration

Update #1 Changes in how virtual cards display

The issue with a virtual card from is that is payment can only be attempted on a specific date provided by Now we display when a virtual card has been used and tell you when payment can be taken.

In a booking you will see this message under "Customer payments". You will see the note about when payment can be taken:

If you try and taken a payment before this date you will see the registered card option does not display as a payment option in your list:

You will only see the registered card option on the date provided. In this case the 1st June 2020:

Update #2 Report payment card as invalid

You can now mark credit cards as invalid if the card doesn't meet validation conditions (card expired, incorrect number, insufficient funds, etc.). 

An invalid credit card can be reported immediately after the reservation is made, up until midnight (00:00) on the day of check-in, in the property's local timezone. 

After a credit card is reported as invalid, the booker receives an email and SMS from inviting them to enter different, valid credit card details before a deadline. The deadline depends on when the reservation was made, relative to the planned check-in day and time. 

In a booking go to the tab. Here you can mark the credit card as invalid:

If a card has been marked as invalid three times, then the opportunity to cancel the booking appears: 

You will be notified when new card details have been entered so payment can be attempted again.

Update #3 Report a No-Show guest

If a guest doesn't show up on the planned check-in date, you can mark the reservation as "no show". This results in either a cancellation or a modification, depending on if it is a complete or partial no-show. 

You can waive no-show fees, if desired. This means will not charge commission for the reservation. 

You can mark a reservation as a no-show from 00:00 (midnight, in property's local time) on the planned check-in date, up to 48 hours later, provided that: 

  • the status of the reservation allows modifications; 
  • the reservation isn't overbooked. 

You reserve the right to charge no-show fees (unless waived), in line with your cancellation policies listed on 

 The booker will receive an email explaining that (part of) their reservation has been cancelled. If you did not waive the cancellation fees, the email will also instruct the booker to pay any cancellation costs outlined on 

In SuperControl a "No-show" can be reported for all properties in a booking or for a single property in a multi-property booking by going to the tab in a booking.

An option to waive the fees is also provided.  If this is checked then no cancellation fees will be charged by 

Update #4 Easily identify when a booking is placed using a standard, non-refundable or genius rate

In a booking go to History and Correspondence. Here you can see what rate was used and whether a genius rate was applied: