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Ensuring your rate plans match SuperControl

When you initially connect to you have the option to create a "Standard" rate plan and a "Non-refundable" rate plan.

However, within your login you also have the opportunity to create your own unique rate plans if you desire (Located within the Rates and Availability page) See area highlighted in green as an example of new rate plan created:

Does creating additional rate plans cause issue with my integration?

Unfortunately yes as there is no option for us to map your SuperControl pricing to additional rate plans apart from your "Standard" and "Non-refundable rate". This means that when you receive a booking, your pricing may not be as you expected due to the additional rate plans created.

What should I do if I don't want a Non-refundable rate?

Within your extranet you are able to remove rate plans that you don't want. However, you must inform us at so we can un-map the connection to that rate plan from our side. This ensures your pricing will synchronise correctly.


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