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Using during your Onboarding Journey

To help track your Onboarding process, we use a useful third-party tool called this functions as an interactive checklist- to allow you to complete the stages of setting-up your SuperControl account in an ordered and sequential way, as well as giving you easy access to our help material. You can also use it to ask us questions if needed, through the chat function. These will be answered by a member of our Onboarding team. 

After the initial welcome call, our team will tailor your individual board to make sure it reflects the specific set-up required for your account, and remove anything that will not be relevant to your particular needs.

The image above shows the top of the board.

  • You will have details of your own account, as well as a shortcut to log-in (shown by the Yellow Arrow above).
  • The set-up sections are grouped, and essential items are clearly denoted by the word (ESSENTIAL)
  • The Status section (Green Arrow) allows you to mark off (for your own benefit and to allow us to track your progress) sections you are working on or have completed. Sections for information only will be marked as N/A. You can also use this status to mark off non-essential features that you do not wish to set-up at this time.
  • The most relevant help article or video tutorial is shown as a link to the right of the Status box. This is shown in the example above by the Blue Arrow
  • The On Page Help bars at the top of almost every page of your SuperControl account also provide a fuller set of help articles and videos. These are also to be found in the various sections of our Help Centre. 
  • The Chat function in allows you to ask specific questions when needed. Please ensure that you have tried to find the answer in the help material before asking a direct question, to allow our team to help as many clients as possible in a timely way. This chat box can be found next to each set-up section in your board, and is marked with an Orange Arrow below. 
  • This allows you to ask the Team a question on any area of set-up.
  • Your progress towards completion of each section is show by the Progress bars (as shown below). These will change as you mark off individual items in a section as Complete.
  • Once you have completed the various sections, to the best of your ability, you can tell the Onboarding Team (using the chat box in the 'Set-up Check' section) that you are ready to arrange a final account health check.
  • Once Onboarding is completed, your board is no longer needed, and will be archived. The Onboarding Team will pass you to our main Client Care Team, who will assist you with ongoing support. 


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