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RentalGuardian (Master Cancel) : How do I enable it?

Once your Master Cancel account has been activated RentalGuardian will send SuperControl your API key.  This will be added to your account and we will send you an email to notify you that you can go ahead and enable Master Cancel. Once you have received this email, you must complete the steps below for Master Cancel to be enabled in your SuperControl account.  

These instructions apply only once Master Cancel has been activated in your SuperControl account. Prior to this, you will be unable to access the Master Cancel settings dashboard in SuperControl.

1. In you account navigate to "Integrations > Insurance products > RentalGuardian > Settings & Application form".  Select the Master Cancel tab.

You may be prompted to complete your address details in "Admin > General details".  A full address is necessary to open cover.

2. Within the Master Cancel tab, you can choose whether you would like to add the Master Cancel percentage fee on top of your existing rates ('Add on top of prices') or to incorporate the Master Cancel percentage fee into those rates ('include in prices'). 

You also have the option to specify an additional uplift if you wish. This allows you, if you choose, to partially absorb the Master Cancel Fee. If you wanted, you could therefore choose to include the automatic percentage in your prices, but then uplift by a percentage using the additional uplift option.

This additional uplift adds as an extra, on top of the default percentage. Therefore, anything specified in the 'additional uplift' box is additional to the MC percentage. This setting is only active if 'Add on top of Prices' is chosen. 

The additional uplift is calculated based on the accommodation price+Master Cancel Uplift, not on the original accommodation price alone.

3. Tick the "Enable Master Cancel" box to activate the cover.  

Once ticked the Master Cancel fee will be automatically incorporated into all prices.  Note that it may take some time for the new prices to be distributed to all integrated channels.

4. You can also choose when coverage is opened on provisional bookings. If you select 'Yes' in the 'Defer Coverage Opening' box, Master Cancel Coverage will only be opened on bookings once some payment has been received on them, meaning that you do not have to manually cancel coverage on provisional bookings that do not pay. Setting this box to 'No' will mean that coverage is opened automatically when a booking is first placed.

Note that the above step applies only to ADMIN bookings- bookings received through integrated channels should have 25% or more deposit taken at time of booking, so cover will be opened immediately on these bookings.

5. When you have selected your preferred options, click 'Save'.

Rounded Prices and the Master Cancel Uplift

If you wish to uplift your prices to cover the Master Cancel percentage fee, yet continue to offer rounded prices to guests, you should use the ‘Copy Prices’ function found under the Properties menu.

1. Go to Properties- Copy- Copy Prices.

2. Copy prices from a property to the same property, for the same year, but add an uplift with Price Rounding specified, sufficient to cover the Master Cancel percentage fee in the process. 

If you wish to display only full Pound Prices (i.e. £200.00) without pence, then make sure to select 'Round to 0 decimals'. 

3. Then, on the Master Cancel settings page, you can include the Master Cancel percentage charge, rather than add it on top, meaning that your prices will have been uplifted, but will remain as round numbers. To do this simply select 'Include in Prices' in the Pricing Options box.

N.B. The above process is the ONLY way to achieve a rounded uplift (i.e. without figures after the decimal point). The Price Rounding feature found under 'Availability Chart Options' will not make this happen if the 'Add on top of Prices' setting is in use, since it was never intended to achieve this. 

Booking deposits - minimum of 25%

To use Master Cancel you must have a deposit of at least 25% for bookings.  To set the up go to "Properties > Edit" and select the main settings option.  In the "booking details" section make sure that the deposit value is at least 25%.

Master Cancel in bookings

Master Cancel is not itemised to guests, it is simply included in the price as far as they are concerned.  Because you are the covered party it is not possible to itemise the Master Cancel value in prices seen by guests.

When bookings come in to SuperControl Master Cancel is itemised.  It will show the Master Cancel charge as well as a link to show a summary of the cover.

Master Cancel Coverage Opening Scenarios

ADMIN bookings, and those bookings taken by third party agents that are being entered manually as Admin bookings- the full rate should be whatever the guest is being charged (including any third party agents fees and commission). MC coverage will then be opened once some payment has been recorded in the booking as having been received, even if that payment is at present being held by a third party agent (i.e HomeAway), to be released to you at a later date.

WEBSITE bookings, where no payment is taken at the time of booking- coverage will open as above, once receipt of some payment has been marked off.

WEBSITE bookings, where some payment has been taken at the time of booking- coverage will open in the booking automatically 15-20 mins after receipt of booking into SuperControl.

Integrated OTA CHANNEL bookings- Where an integration is set-up between SuperControl and a channel, and at least rates and availability are shared, Coverage will open automatically on receipt of booking into SC, since the guest will have paid the channel in part or in full at the time of booking, even if they hold this payment on your behalf until a later date.

SPECIAL OFFERS: If you have Special Offer Prices set-up, these Special Offer prices will always INCLUDE  the Master Cancel percentage within it, even if you have set-up the percentage to normally add on top of your Price Planner prices.  The Special Offer price is therefore the price the Guest sees, and pays, and the Master Cancel percentage is taken out of it.

This is also the case when entering an ADMIN booking- the Master Cancel percentage is always INCLUDED in the amount entered in the 'Full Rate' box.

Master Cancel and VAT

For Clients registered for VAT-

Master Cancel is essentially included in the rent. It is itemised in the bookings in SuperControl, but not to the guest in the booking summary.

If you are VAT registered and charge VAT on the rent, then VAT also applies to the Master Cancel element of that rent. Master Cancel is part of the package being purchased by the guest when placing the booking, and if the business is VAT registered then VAT will apply to the total cost, which includes the Master Cancel element.

The self catering provider is simply purchasing the cover from Rental Guardian to enable them to reimburse the customer re. a cancelled booking. VAT is therefore due on the MC element.

The location of Rental Guardian only affects the charge to the self catering provider-  it is irrelevant that you are not charged VAT in turn on the invoicing from RentalGuardian (since this is issued from the US).

Modifying Booking length with Master Cancel Coverage

If you have a booking covered under one certificate by Master Cancel, and you change the number of nights on that booking (say from 7 to 5), this is just a modification of the booking, rather than a cancellation. If you modify the dates, this will also modify the total accommodation price, which will in turn modify the MC percentage fee. You would refund the guest for the nights they are unable to stay, but the booking would remain live. This is therefore not a cancellation scenario, but the modification of a booking covered by Master Cancel.

RentalGuardian bookings report

Navigate to "Integrations > Insurance products > RentalGuardian > Bookings".  This report will show any bookings that have been covered.

For more details you should access your RentalGuardian login at

We are working with RentalGuardian to help them to add the SuperControl booking numbers to their invoicing. For the moment, in SuperControl you can run a report on coverages sold within a specific date range under Integrations- Insurance Products- RentalGuardian- Bookings. The certificate numbers in this report can then be matched with the line items in your RentalGuardian invoice.

Master Cancel Trust Logos

We have created some logos which you can display on your website.  Download the logos.


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