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RentalGuardian (Master Cancel) : How do I cancel a booking and file a claim?

A. On the day of cancellation

  1. When the guest notifies you that they wish to cancel you can cancel the booking right away.
  2. Set a reminder in the booking to refund the guest on the day of departure of their cancelled stay.
  3. Email the guest to explain the process so they know their refund will be processed on the departure day of their cancelled stay.

This is the pop up for cancelling the booking. You cannot do the wrong thing with the tick boxes because they are greyed out.

B. How to complete the claim form

1. Log into your RentalGuardian dashboard, and click the Blue magnifying glass button on the top left hand side.

2. Then, in the pop-up window, select one of the options to allow you to locate the coverage. We recommend copying and pasting the certificate number from the cancelled booking in SuperControl, then Search. 

3. Then, on the individual coverage, click the 'Claims' tab. Then click 'Open New Claim'.

4. This will open a pop-up window, where the claim can be submitted, based on the details in the booking. Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation, and can track the claim easily through the RentalGuardian dashboard. 

C. Refunding the guest

On the departure day of the cancelled stay refund the guest for 100% of the amount paid towards the “Total Rent”. If they have only paid the deposit you refund the deposit, if they have paid deposit and balance then you refund deposit and balance. If you have charged for booking options you may refund these, or not, according to your terms.

It is a condition of the programme that you refund by the check-out day of the original booking. Doing so on the day of departure is recommended, since it prevents guests from shifting their holiday investment from one property to another too easily. It is good for the programme to have this protection built in and good for you as it keeps your guests focused on your place. It is also good for you because it minimises the gap between you refunding and your claim being processed and paid out.

D. Receiving a Repayment for a Claim

On the day of departure of the cancelled booking the Master Cancel claim you have previously made will be activated for processing. You don’t need to trigger this.

The claim takes 5 to 10 business days to be processed and paid into your nominated bank account.


Adam Stephenson

Please could you give an example of what happens when a payout for a claim is made? For example, as an agency, on the day of departure, I will refund the guest, so the booking value will be reduced to £0.00. When the Master Cancel payout is made, will that be shown in the SuperControl Booking? So when it comes to integrating with Xero, SC will generate a credit note for the guest deposit, but where would the MC payout be recorded? Will SC generate another ales invoice?

Jo Cooke

HI When I click on make a claim it takes me to a completely different page which is my rental guardian page and doesn't look anything like the form you are discussing!

Tobias Parker

RentalGuardian have amended the way claims are submitted, as part of launching the easy Claims tracking function in the RentalGuardian dashboard. The article has been revised to reflect this.

When a claim payout is made, this does not automatically populate into the booking in SuperControl.
For accounting purposes, this figure would need to be entered manually into the SuperControl booking.

Mon Barbour

How do you claim and process with a booking coming via We don't receive payment until after guests leaves. Within Supercontrol when I get a booking I'll mark them as a custom BACS payment dated for the 15th of the following month of their stay (when we actually get paid). Would I just add a BACS refund on the day the guest would have left? Thanks

Tobias Parker

It is not relevant for of other integrated OTA bookings whether or not you have received payment by the time a booking is cancelled- it is only relevant whether the OTA have taken payment from the guest on your behalf. the guest would be refunded according to the cancellation policy in place on Since you would not be paid by for a cancelled booking, you would not need to mark off payment received or refunded if control your payments.

Juliet Jennifer Caird

Please would you tell me my account no/password so I can make a claim?

Tobias Parker

Hello Juliet, RentalGuardian support would need to provide these- please email them at

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