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RentalGuardian (Master Cancel) : How do I cancel a booking and file a claim?

On the day of cancellation

  1. When the guest notifies you that they wish to cancel you can cancel the booking right away.
  2. Within the cancelled booking click on the Master Cancel link. This takes you to the claim form. Note that if you can’t get into the claim form it’s because you haven’t cancelled the booking yet. Make your claim for 100% of the “Total Rent” showing in the booking. We recommend you file the claim on the day of cancellation so you don't have to remember to do it later but you can file a claim up to 5 business days after original check-out date.
  3. Set a reminder in the booking to refund the guest on the day of departure of their cancelled stay.
  4. Email the guest to explain the process so they know their refund will be processed on the departure day of their cancelled stay.

This is the pop up for cancelling the booking. You cannot do the wrong thing with the tick boxes because they are greyed out.

Refunding the guest

On the departure day of the cancelled stay refund the guest for 100% of the “Total Rent”. If you have charged for booking options you need to refund these, or not, according to your terms.

It is a condition of the programme that you refund on the check-out day of the original booking. This is important as it prevents guests from shifting their holiday investment from one property to another too easily. It is good for the programme to have this protection built in and good for you as it keeps your guests focused on your place. It is also good for you because it minimises the gap between you refunding and your claim being processed and paid out.

Claims process

On the day of departure of the cancelled booking the Master Cancel claim you have previously made will be activated for processing. You don’t need to trigger this.

The claim takes 5 to 10 business days to be processed and paid out.

How to complete the claim form

In the Cancelled booking, click on the Master Cancel certificate. You will see a Claim button has now appeared. Please click on this, and you will be redirected to the claims form.


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