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RentalGurdian (Master Cancel) Help and Support

This guide explains where to find support relating to RentalGuardian master Cancel. In order to keep information about Master Cancel as accurate and up to date as possible, most of the program details are found in RentalGuardian's own Knowledgebase, and our Help Centre and support focuses on practical maters relating to enabling and using it in your SuperControl account. 

How to stay informed - Master Cancel Knowledgebase

The team RentalGuardian has been working hard on building out the information in the Master Cancel Knowledgebase. It’s very comprehensive, containing programme details, how it works and how it is implemented. Including how to claim and how to navigate reimbursements and rebookings.

You can access the Master Cancel Knowledgebase at

Your login credentials are the email address you used to sign up to Master Cancel and your RentalGuardian account number.

If you missed any joint Webinars between SuperControl and RentalGuardian,   you can access the recording in the Master Cancel Knowledgebase, in the Resources section.

I need support, who do I ask?

If your question is not answered in the Knowledgebase, please ask RentalGuardian at if your query relates to:

  • Programme details
  • How it works
  • Legal structure
  • Programme conditions
  • Guest Terms & Conditions
  • Your obligations
  • Removal of coverage
  • The value of reimbursements
  • The Status of your claim (which can also be tracked in the RentalGuardian dashboard)
  • Issues concerning the RentalGuardian Program Manager dashboard

Please ask SuperControl at if your question relates to:

  • Master Cancel settings within SuperControl
  • How to enable Master Cancel in your SuperControl account
  • How to cancel a booking
  • If coverage needs to be opened manually
  • How to open coverage for iCal bookings
  • How to reconcile your reimbursements
  • Reporting a technical glitch
  • If Master Cancel can apply to bookings taken by specific third parties


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