How do I generate a voucher code?

Vouchers are the perfect way to create discounts unique for a specific group of previous and/or potential guests. Vouchers codes can be issued to a guest prior to booking, which they can use to claim the specified discount off their stay during the booking process.

Voucher Codes can also be used in higher values to issue a 'Credit Note' for customer payments on cancelled bookings, which the guest can then redeem against a future stay, whenever they choose to re-book. When Voucher Codes are used in this manner, they still behave like  discounts, and will therefore apply to discount the full rate, rather than be recorded as 'payments' in the system. 

N.B. Vouchers are intended to offer a discount on a booking as a marketing incentive, or as a means to allow a guest who wants to cancel their existing booking to apply their original deposit/balance amount to a new booking at a future date. It is not possible to 'sell' a voucher within SuperControl itself. Vouchers can however be generated to any value, and the voucher can then be sold via an outside platform, and so long as the code generated in SuperControl is included, the recipient can then redeem the voucher that has been purchased at time of booking.

1. Go to Vouchers/Offers > Generate vouchers. 

2. A voucher code will be randomly generated for you but you can amend this to whatever you like eg. Bolls-6/20 (guest name & month of original booking).

3. Select your Voucher value. If you wanted to create a voucher code for £50 off you would enter 50 for Voucher value.

4. Vouchers (voucher codes) can be set-up with the following Voucher priorities:

If you select 'Deposit' under the "Voucher Priority" settings, then, if there is a deposit payment due AND the value of the deposit is greater than the value of the voucher, then we will deduct from the deposit first, leaving any remaining amount not covered by the voucher value due as the deposit.

If there is a deposit and the voucher is greater than the deposit, then no deposit will be due  we zero the deposit and just take a balance

If you specify 'Balance' instead, then we deduct the voucher from the balance first. If the value of the voucher exceeds the value of the balance due then we will deduct the remainder from the deposit due.

5.  Type of discount: You can select to either give the guest a fixed amount (Fixed value) or a percentage of the booking (Percentage)

Valid for: Choose whether the voucher is valid either for guests who are booking between a chosen date range or those whose arrival day falls within a chosen date range.

Minimum nights: Select if the voucher should only be applicable for bookings that exceed a certain minimum stay. For example, if you only wanted the voucher to be allowed for over 7 night    bookings then select 7.

Start date/Expiry date: Enter the date range that the voucher is valid for. If you have selected that the voucher if valid for "Booked between" and enter a date range, then it will only be valid if a guest books between that date range.

Properties: Should the voucher apply to all properties? If not, then untick the box click on the title "Properties" and manually select individual properties from the list. Hold the Ctrl key to select more than one property (For Mac users hold the Command key).

Do not apply if prices are discounted: If your already have a discount applied to your prices then tick this box to exclude this voucher from being allowed.

Expire after one booking: Tick this box, if the voucher code is to be use only once. If you would like to offer this voucher code to several guests or use it for a special promotion e.g. only guests booking directly on your own website can use it, then leave it unticked.

Recipient name: This can be used to enter the guest name. 

Owner/commission settings: (Agency users only): Select how the discounted price should calculate your owner payments/commission.

Website specific: If you have multiple websites in your account, you can select the site(s) for which the voucher can be used.
Please note: This option is only available for accounts with several website associated with them.

Notes: Add any notes about this voucher. These notes are only for internal use.

5. Custom background: You can select your own custom background to be used for the voucher.
Click Choose File to select the template file.
If you want to use this same template as background for all your vouchers, tick the box.

The link Sizing guidelines gives you a pop-up with information what sizes and file types should be used.

The Sample background is a .jpg file that can be downloaded and used as a template for your own background file.
You can download it back tight clicking the link and selecting Copy link address o.s.

6. Click Generate Voucher.
You will see an overview of the Voucher values you have chosen.

A guest can now enter this voucher code when placing an online booking.

Sending the created voucher to the guest

On the page where you see the voucher details overview you can send the voucher to the guest via email.

1. Amend the pre-populated Subject field, if required. Or enter your own subject text.
2. Make sure to enter the email address of the guest.

N.B. If you have only a channel specific email address, e.g. from, you might need to send the voucher code using the channel's guest communication system directly.

3. Select an existing email template to use, load a template and edit it or create your own letter.

N.B. If sending a voucher code to one recipient from this page, please note that the TAGS within your e-mail templates will not be replaced with the respective information.
The TAGS will only auto-populate information when you are generating a voucher code from within a booking. (Refer to video below How do I generate a Voucher within an existing booking?)

4. Select from the drop-down menu to either use the body text only for this email, or save it as the default text to be used when sending newly created voucher codes to the guests.

5. Click Send.

How do I generate a Voucher within an existing Booking?

Vouchers can also be generated directly in a booking. This can be useful if, for example, a guest wishes to cancel a booking, but you wish to credit all or part of what they have already paid towards a future booking. This can be emailed to them directly, as outlined in the video instructions. 


Nicola Hadley

It would help if I could find the section of SuperControl where I can set up the voucher/offer. Your instructions say Go to Voucher/Offers but I am unable to find it. Is it even available in my version of SuperControl??

Rosie Georgeson

Hi there,

Your SuperControl account is currently on our LITE package. With this package you don't have the Vouchers/Offers menu. If you're interested in upgrading to our PLUS package please email

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