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FAQs: TUI Ferienhaus integration

What will I receive when a booking comes in from TUI?

When a booking comes from TUI, you will receive the guest names, number of adults and children, start and end date, and booking value. 

How do I add booking options/extras with a TUI booking?

SuperControl doesn’t prevent you from offering options and extras but you need to confirm what options and extras you can offer with TUI during contract discussions.

Will there be a deposit taken by TUI?

Yes. TUI takes a deposit from guests within seven days after the booking is placed. The balance is paid four weeks prior to arrival. 

When will I be paid by TUI?

TUI will pay you four weeks before the guests arrive. 

What happens if a guest cancels their booking with TUI?

TUI will agree cancellation Terms and Conditions within your contract.

What currency are prices set within TUI?

Prices can either be set in GBP or EUR. Whatever currency they’re set in on the TUI site is how the payment will come into your account.  Even if your SuperControl account is listed in GBP, if you list on TUI in EUR, the payment will show in EUR.

How do I take a guest payment on a booking from TUI?

1. When a guest places a booking on TUI, the card details and payment are processed directly through TUI.

2. TUI will pay you the money minus their commission near the guest’s arrival date. For exact details on when you will be paid, contact your account manager at TUI.

How do I correspond to guests in a booking from TUI?

1. Once a booking is placed on TUI, you will receive a notification from TUI that you’ve received a new booking.

2. All email correspondence should take place within your TUI login. The reason for this is because email addresses are not sent over from TUI when a booking is placed.


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