Create property alerts and report

Do you need to add property reminders such as gas certificate reminders, property inspection reminders etc.?

Follow the steps below to create pop-up reminders and also export reports to display this information, and even send it to owners if necessary.

First, create your reminder

1. Go to Properties > Custom fields.

2. In the field name enter your reminder name eg. Gas certificate reminder.

3. Select the Field type as "Date" and click Add new.

4. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Custom fields > Go.

5. Enter the date the reminder should appear (click the calendar icon to do this) and tick "Alert reminder".

6. Click Save.

7. When you log into SuperControl on this date, you will be shown your reminder automatically:

Create your report

1. Go to Properties > Property alerts.

2. Enter your date range for your report. You can filter by specific property or all.

3. Click Filter.

4. To export to a PDF or CSV click on either of the icons shown below:

Send the report to your owners (Agency)

5. Click "Email alerts to owners".

6. Specify your date range and click Filter.

7. To include an email template as a covering note select a template from the Email text drop down. To add an email template click here.

The "Admin email" is the main email address entered within Admin > General details.

"BCC all to admin" means your email address will receive a copy of all emails sent to each owner.

8. When you're ready click "Send".


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