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Adding / editing Housekeeper notes

There are several different ways to enter notes for housekeepers in SuperControl.

1) Internal reference/note about the housekeeper

This note is being entered into the housekeeper profile under
Admin > Housekeepers > Add housekeeper
or for existing housekeepers under
Admin > Housekeepers > Edit housekeeper > Edit (to the right of the housekeeper name) > Notes

It is an internal reference for you. This does not show anywhere else.

A note here might be, "Can only work Mondays." or "Is responsible for the provision of flowers" etc.

2) Information to be added to the housekeeper report

To inform a housekeeper about special requirements or guests' requests for a specific booking you can use the notes within the booking.
Within the booking click onto Edit > tab Housekeeper's notes

This could be for example, "Please remove all flowers as guest is allergic." or "Please provide 2 bottles of red wine"

3) Notes added in the Housekeeper login (by the Housekeeper)

The notes the housekeeper is adding via the housekeeper login is to inform you about anything you need to know.
The housekeeper (or you when impersonating a housekeeper) needs to go to Add booking notes

Either search for all bookings > just click Search  or  choose what to search for

A list of all bookings meeting the search criteria are listed.
Click Add notes for the respective one.

You will also receive an email with the entry of the note.
This note is also being added to the History & Correspondence tab of the booking in order to keep a record.

A note form the housekeeper to you might be that the guest has forgotten something in the property or that special requests from the guest have been taken care of.

4) Arrival and Departure notes

In all bookings, there is a free text field so that you can add notes next to the arrival and departure times. 

In the booking if you click the Edit tab, the booking details pop-up will show.

If you are adding notes into the free text fields please be sure to click Save on the bottom of the pop-up.

These notes will show in the following reports:

Charts & Reports

  • Bookings > Charts & Reports > Arrivals & Departures
  • Bookings > Charts & Reports > Cleaners Chart
  • Bookings > Charts & Reports > Housekeeping Report
  • Bookings > Charts & Reports > Bulk Housekeeping Report


  • Arrival & Departure Report
  • Daily Report

We have also created an e-mail tag so if necessary you can pull these into an e-mail or SMS template.


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