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How do I create Grouped Calendars with selected properties?

If you need to show multiple grouped calendars on your website, but each those calendars should show some, but not all of your properties, please follow the guidance below. 

You will need to contact and request as many additional Site IDs as are required. you need a Site ID for each new grouped calendar. 

1. Once an additional site ID has been added, you need to add the URL of the page on your website where each of your grouped calendars will display. This can be done under: 

Admin- Customisation Options

When you have added this, click 'Save'. 

2. Then, go to the 'Settings' page of each property (Properties- Edit- settings- Go), and assign each property to one or other Site ID. 

Then 'Save' in each case. 

In the example below, 6 properties have been divided between two Site IDs. This will allow a grouped calendar showing only the 4 cottages, and another grouped calendar for the Villa and Castle properties. 

3. Once you have assigned all the properties to their respective Site IDs, you then need to go to Admin- Website Integration and go to 'Calendar Wizard'. Then Select the 'add new calendar' tab.

Then, create a name for your calendar, select the SiteID, and add the URL (preceded by http or https) where the calendar should appear. Then select your calendar style, and 'Save'. 

4. You will now be able to generate the Widget Code for your grouped calendar, which can be embedded on your website. 

5. You can now see that the 6 properties in this account have been split into two grouped calendars:

One for just 2 properties:

And one for the remaining 4 properties:


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