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How do I add my housekeepers and allocate them to properties?

If you have housekeepers, it is a good idea to provide a login to the Housekeeper login area. When the housekeeper logs in, they can see arrival times to help them prepare for guests, and run off arrival/departure reports.

Add your Housekeepers

1. Go to Admin > Housekeepers > Add Housekeepers.  

2. Add your housekeeper's details (add an email address and password in order to provide them with a login).  Setting a password for your housekeeper will allow the housekeeper to log in to their own Housekeeping area using log in details. 

Send email alerts - this will automatically trigger a notification email to a housekeeper once a booking has been placed. It will include limited details of the booking (booking number, lead guest name, number of people, property, booking status and dates).

Send email alerts when bookings are cancelled - this will trigger an email to the housekeeper once a booking has been cancelled.

Stage 2. Select what your housekeepers can see in their log in

3. Scroll down the page and select to "Show" or "Hide" certain parts of a guests booking if it is not needed

Please be aware!
If you select to hide provisional bookings from the housekeeper, the housekeeper will not be aware of these bookings and potentially not attend to a property they should have attended to.

Your housekeeper is wondering, why there are so few bookings in their report.
The setting for provisional bookings is being checked and it turns out that provisional bookings are hidden.
Once the settings is changed the housekeeper has all relevant bookings in their report.

4. Click Save.

AGENCY only: It is also possible to add your Housekeeper as a supplier.

Stage 3. Allocate your Housekeepers to Properties

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Settings > Go.

2Scroll down to the heading "Housekeeper" and click on the housekeeper you wish to choose and Save.

If you need to allocate multiple housekeepers to a property, hold down the Ctrl button and click each housekeeper name (if using a Mac select the command key whilst clicking on the housekeeper names).

How do I send my housekeepers their log in details?

1. Go to Admin > Housekeepers > Edit housekeepers.

2. Click "Edit" next to your housekeeper and ensure you have an email address and password entered:

Please note your housekeepers will login via a different URL from your own Admin Portal.  The Housekeeper Login  URL is:

3. If these details are not added, enter them and click Save. Then tick "Send login details to housekeeper via email" and click Save again.

If the housekeeper email address and password is already entered then just tick "Send login details to housekeeper via email" and click Save.

4. The housekeeper will then be sent an email like this:

Housekeepers can see notes added to particular bookings. This allows you to communicate with them easily to pass on important information. Click here to find out more.


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