Help CentreUsing SuperControl AgencyHow can I adjust my reconciled bank balance?

How can I adjust my reconciled bank balance?

If you have reconciled your accounts up to a certain date but there is an outstanding balance due to payments made outside using SuperControl, you can amend the brought forward balance using the Reconcile bank report.  

1. Go to Agency > Reports > Reconcile Bank

2. Click on [Enter custom bank receipt or payment]

3. Enter the amount that you want to increase or decrease the current balance by and select Receipt from the drop down.  Add a caption such as "Correct bank balance".  Click Save.

4. Tick the payment you've just made and then click the green Reconcile ticked button.

5. Go back to Agency > Reports > Reconcile Bank, filter again and you will see the balance has adjusted to what you have change it to.


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