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How do I use agent fees to calculate commission on Channel bookings?

You can use Agent Fees to calculate your commission on Channel bookings in a number of different ways.  This video gives an overview of the three typical options.

You may also find this article helpful to calculate your channel uplift.

A. Based on the price planner price

You have agreed prices with your owner and need to base your commission on this price.  In this case you would typically uplift prices to cover the entire channel commission.

B. Based on the full amount received from the channel

This option isn't often used.  It would mean that you bear the full cost of the channel commission.

C. Based on the amount received after channel commission

You deduct the commission that the channel charges and base your commission on the net rental.

Manually adding agent fees

SuperControl only records Channel Commission as an agent fee where this data is provided by the channel.  You may wish to manually add this to perform your commission calculation.

Update commission on existing bookings

If you change these agent settings you may wish to re-calculate your commission on existing bookings.  You can use the function described in this Help Article to do this. specific information commission is handled slightly differently to other channels.  There are two models:

  1. Only the uplift is shown - this lets you use option A above to calculate your commission after the uplift
  2. Uplift and commission is shown - the full commission is added as an agent fee in the booking.  Uplift is only shown if there is any remainder after the commission.  This lets you use option C.

If you aren't sure which model to use please contact support so that we can review the settings with you and advise.


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