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Work Smarter, Not Harder: An Introduction to Statistics and Reporting in SuperControl

One of the most useful set of functions in SuperControl for the savvy property manager to explore are the Reporting and Statistical sections of the system. As you begin to use the account to manage your bookings, you will also start to build-up a valuable set of data.  

Data is power! Data gives you the insight into your guests- Who are they? Where do they come from? Which channel did they book through? Which Payment Method did they choose? 

Data also allows you to see how your properties are performing against each other, your occupancy statistics and also helps you to manage your cashflow and accounting, using a wide selection of reports that can easily be generated,  thus saving you time and effort and giving you valuable insights to help you to manage your properties optimally.

The guide below is not intended to be exhaustive, but provides an overview of the possibilities open to you to use your data to your best advantage- why not explore what the reports and charts have to offer?

The Reporting functions in your SuperControl account can be found in two places:

'Charts & Reports' in the Bookings Menu, which are the more 'operational' set of reports for day-to-day use, and in the Statistics Menu, which is where the 'higher level' and statistical reports are to be found.

Day-To-Day Operational Reports

The reports found in the 'Charts & Reports' section of the the Bookings Menu are focused on day-to-day management. They include an Arrivals & Departures Report (shown above) which can be filtered to show arrivals and departures between two dates, the simpler Cleaners Chart, and more details Housekeepers Report (which can be exported as a PDF if needed). 

There is also the 'Customer Payments' report (shown above), which allows you to search for amounts paid per customer, between a date range, whether the payment was a deposit or balance payment, and the payment method used.

Guest Details and Marketing-focused Reporting

In the Statistics menu, there are several reports to help you to better understand your guest demographics. 

Some of these are geographical. For example, the Post Code Map (shown above) allows you to see where your guests are from. For example, you can see that 5% of people booking with you are from a particular area in England. You can also filter by a specific date range. This has an international companion in the form of the Country and Region Report, showing you which country/region your guests are booking from, and how many bookings there are for each region. This information might encourage you to consider nice marketing via regional/international media, to help you to attract particular guest demographics. 

There is a report for Booking Lead Time, as well as reports on booking duration, numbers of guests and Booking Sources. Another good statistic to know, once you have been using your account for a little while, is what percentage of your bookings are repeat guests. We have a specific report for this, and an article explaining how best to use this data to encourage guest loyalty, click Here to find out more.

Finances and Occupancy Focused Reporting

Many of the reports in the Statistics menu are revenue focused, for example:

The Booking Extras Report allows you to see either the quantity or value of any particular booking extra you might offer, allowing you to intelligently assess which extras earn you significant extra income, and which might benefit from additional promotion.

The Revenue Report shows you how much revenue are you generating from your bookings and options/extra over a chosen period. Are you VAT registered? You can also see how much VAT has been generated from the bookings. You are also able to see how much income you have generated compared to what you could have taken if the property was fully booked (Total possible weekly revenue). 

The Income Transfer report  allows you to see any payments and refunds made day by day over a chosen date range. Your income transfer column also allows you to see a value of bookings that start on that particular day.

The companion to this report is the Future Revenue Report, which shows you, for future dates, what money is due from guests, paid by guests and any refundable deposits held or due.

The Property Performance Report (shown in the example above) allows you to see how your properties are performing for a chosen date period. This is one of the most used reports in SuperControl. You can identify which of your properties perform the best - then use this information to identify why other properties aren't performing as well. If you need to provide a report to evidence that your property has been let out for a certain number of days in the last year, we suggest that you use the Property Performance Report.

We have an in depth article to help you interpret the columns of the Property Performance Report, which can be found Here.

Market Data from Beyond Pricing

SuperControllers who use Beyond Pricing also have access to more market and revenue-focused data.  This includes Market data, to give you key insights into your local market and your competitors. 

Beyond Pricing have put together some useful overviews of the insight that they can provide-

On their Market-focused data, and their valuable set of statistical charts and reports.

Get Started with Beyond Pricing and SuperControl by clicking Here!

Accountancy Integrations- FreeAgent, Sage 50 and Xero

SuperControl integrates with three industry-leading accounting software packages- FreeAgent, Xero and Sage 50, allowing you to easily export financial data with ease for accounting purposes.

Instructions on using the FreeAgent inegration can be found Here.

Instructions on using the Xero Integration can be found Here.

Instructions on using the Sage 50 and Sage Instant integration can be found Here.


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