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Beyond pricing - How do I enable it?

How do I integrate my SuperControl account with Beyond Pricing?

1. Go to Integrations > Price Optimisation > Beyond Pricing

2. Click "Enable" against all properties you want to integrate with Beyond Pricing. Please note you must have price bands (prices are not required for new properties, just price bands) in place for your properties to allow Beyond Pricing to begin their algorithms. When 'Enable' is clicked, a snapshot will be taken of your existing prices, should you ever wish to revert to them.

3. Use the 'More Information and get started' link found on the Beyond Pricing integration page (illustrated in the screenshot below) to arrange initial contact with Beyond pricing. You will then receive contact from Beyond Pricing with information about setting up your Beyond Pricing account. You will receive a follow up email from them outlining the next steps.

4. Follow the steps in this Set of Instructions in the Beyond pricing Help Centre, with the following information to hand:

Your key (which is displayed in SuperControl on the Beyond Pricing integration page)

Your Beyond Pricing account email (this is the email you use to login into your Beyond Pricing account)

SuperControl users who are already pushing prices to  Airbnb and listings do not have to connect these channels to Beyond Pricing again — SuperControl will push to these channels once you have made your property listings inside Beyond Pricing active. Beyond Pricing will push the prices to SuperControl, and SuperControl will push them to the connected channels, with any uplifts and default extras  you have chosen to add.

5. Click enable next to the properties that you wish to enable for Beyond Pricing. This allows Beyond Pricing to complete the connection during set-up. Your existing prices are stored as a snapshot, and could be restored at any time if required.

Beyond Pricing will do the rest! Your pricing will now be updated automatically. You will start to save time immediately,  as you no longer need to manage your prices. No more setting rates manually or copying over from last year!

6. You will also want to review this article about setting percentage short break prices in Beyond Pricing.


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