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How do I send my iCal link to a channel for availability updates?

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iCal links are the most basic form of integration possible with a channel, and allow you to share your calendar availability with third parties. An iCal link will not send prices or guest details, they only block off availability to avoid double bookings. They will typically sync and update every 4-6 hours. 

1. Go to Integrations > Admin tools > iCal Feed.

2. Click on “Individual properties” tab.

Note: You might not see all the tabs showing in the screenshot below depending on the kind of SuperControl account you have, e.g. Owner (Plus) or Agency.

3. Select and copy the link for the property / properties from the field Basic iCal feed.

4. Paste the iCal link into your chosen channel.

You can then make the iCal integration two-way by repeating the process the other way around.
This guide will explain how to achieve this.

Please note:
Auto-scheduled emails are not being allocated to iCal bookings.
As these bookings are meant to block off dates, any communication with the guest should be happing within the booking from where the iCal booking was forwarded from.

Can I exclude Ical bookings from the Ical export to stop conflicting loops?

By clicking the exclude iCal bookings checkbox under any of the below settings you will get a modified URL that will exclude ical bookings from the feed. You should then use this URL when adding an import feed into your third party's ical feed.

Or alternatively you can update your existing export links for example:

If your existing iCal URL from SuperControl was

You can append the QueryString ?ExcludeBookings=ical to get our iCal feed with previously and existing imported iCal bookings excluded.

So for example the above URL would become:

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