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Agency Learning Lab - The Potential of Booking Fees.

Should my agency charge a booking fee? How much can I charge? How does it work? If these questions happen to be on the tip of your tongue, this learning lab article is for you. 

 Incorporating a booking fee can unlock a new revenue stream for your business, and with oodles of functionality on offer through SuperControl, you can customise this added fee to work best for you. 

We explore the benefits of incorporating a booking fee, the methods of implementing this and how to pay booking fees as commission. We also go into real examples of how booking fees can result in additional revenue and minimise your loss through cancellations. 


Should I charge a booking fee?

We think so.  There are many benefits to introducing an additional booking fee to your listings:

  • Extra revenue potential.
  • This additional revenue helps to meet costs of the business.
  • Profit to you - the fee doesn't need to be given or shown to the owners.
  • Extra profit can be used for recruitment, marketing and more; helping to grow your business.
  • The fee can be added to the cost of the booking and it is your choice whether you itemise this to the guest.
How much should I charge?

Fees can be either percentage based or fixed.  The overall income from booking fees is much greater with the former and we find that the average for all clients is between 9 and 15% per booking.  A comparison of the types of fee is illustrated in the image below:

How do I add a booking fee in my SuperControl account?

Please see our easy to follow guide on how to set this up:

Which channels can I send this booking fee to?

Yes, please see a table of our most popular channels here to see which ones accept the sending of default booking extras.

Can I record booking fees as commission?

Yes, please see our handy guide on how to pay booking fees to your own business as commission and also how to pay the entire value of an extra to an owner.

Where can I view data on income from booking fees?

We have a detailed booking extras report that will show you the statistics for this income in both graph and table form.  This data can also be exported as a CSV file to Excel or similar.

How can I add a booking fee to my channel integrations?

Please see our guide on how to add a booking fee to a channel listing: