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Agency Learning Lab - Understanding Agent Settings for OTA Channel Bookings

You may have already seen our guide on configuring your agent settings for channel bookings .  If not, we strongly recommend viewing this help material before you amend any settings.

How should my uplift for channels be configured?

Channel commissions are calculated on the uplifted amount, therefore matching the uplift will always result in a loss.  We recommend adding 2-3% to your uplifted amounts to ensure that the full cost of the commission is covered.  Please see the image below for a details comparison.

What are my options for displaying agent commission figures in bookings?

You have two options for the way that commission and uplift figures are shown in your bookings.  It depends on the level of uplift as to which you should use.  See the image below for a detailed comparison.

How should I configure my agent settings for owner payments?

This really depends on your owner payment business model.  How you pay your owners will decide on which settings are appropriate to ensure that these values are calculated correctly.  Please see the image below for a detailed comparison of each, to help you select which makes the most sense for you and your business.

What agent settings do I need for each method of calculation?

The image below shows you the exact settings you need for agents based on the three options described in the above section.

You can view our Learning Lab video below which talks through the various options for configuring your agent settings.  For a detailed guide please see the link at the top of this page.