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How do I add an enquiry form to my website?

Setting up your enquiry form

1. Go to Admin > Website integration and click "Enquiry form wizard"

2. Click "Create new enquiry form"

3. Enter a name for your enquiry form and select the Site ID you want to show the enquiry for:

4. Within your Form designer, you can select additional details you want to collect, and also choose whether you make these details compulsory to be completed:

5. At the bottom of the page click "Save" or you can choose to preview your form before saving to check everything displays as you expect.

How to add your enquiry form to your website

1. Within the enquiry form wizard click on "Widget code" and select the key for your chosen enquiry form:

2. Click "Send code in mail". This will open up your emails with the widget code already copied in. If you send this widget code to your web developer then they can implement the widget code to the chosen pages on your website.

Useful tips

You can set up multiple enquiry forms. Perhaps you would like an enquiry form to collect as much information as possible , and then elsewhere on your website only collect the minimum information.

If you only want your enquiry form to relate to one property only you can tick "Show only one property in "Property of interest" box:


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