Help CentreUsing SuperControl Configuring PropertiesHow do I re-enable, disable or archive a property?

How do I re-enable, disable or archive a property?

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Settings > Go.

2. Scroll down to the heading "Availability chart options" and next to the the option "Enable this property" select Yes (Enable), No (Disable) or Archived (Delete).

3. If you archive the property enter a reason for the property being archived and click Save. 

4. Click Save again at the bottom of the page.

The difference between Archived and Disabled (No):

Archived: To fully remove the property from your account and no longer include it as part of your number of licences select "Archived". This will remove that property from your website and exclude any details for that property on any reports. Please note you do have the option to un-archive it again at a later date if needed.

Disable: A disabled property will remove the property from your website but it will remain as an active licence within your account. You would choose this option if you were making some changes to the property details and you didn't want the property to be online whilst these changes were being made.

How do I re-enable an archived property?

1. Go to Properties > Edit.

2. If you need to search by property name, ensure you choose the filter parameter as "All" here and type your property name below:

3. Click Go.

4. Then click Go against the property you want to re-enable:

5. Scroll down to the setting "Enable this property" and set to Yes. Please note you must have enough active licences to re-enable a property. If you need to purchase extra licences go to Admin > Licence Summary.

6. Once you've made your changes, click Save at the bottom of the page.


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