How can I bulk Uplift my manual Pricing?

If you wish to uplift your prices in bulk, either by a percentage, or by a fixed amount, and round them in the process, you can use the ‘Copy Prices’ function found under the Properties menu to achieve this.

1. Go to Properties- Copy- Copy Prices.

2. Copy prices from a property to the same property, for the same year, but add an uplift with Price Rounding specified in the process. 

If you wish to display only full Pound Prices (i.e. £200.00) without pence, then make sure to select 'Round to 0 decimals'. 

i.e. If you wanted to uplift Cottage A for a single year by 5%, you would set this up as 

Full year,  Cottage A, 2020,  as the Source; Cottage A, 2020, Number of years 1 as the destination, with a 5% percent uplift rounded to 0 decimals. 

N.B. The above process is the ONLY way to achieve a rounded uplift in the price planner itself (i.e. without figures after the decimal point). The Price Rounding feature found under 'Availability Chart Options' will not make this happen.


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