How do I block off individual dates?

This article explains how to block individual days in the price planner.
Any blocked day can't be used as either arrival or departure day.

1) Go to Properties > Edit > choose property > Price planner (in the right hand side drop down menu) > Go

The Start days row in the price planner can show three different "states":
a) covered by short breaks
b) allowed as arrival/departure day for 7 nights stays only
c) blocked

In order to check, if 7 night breaks are allowed, when short breaks have been added the short breaks need to be taken out temporarily to show the start days.

In order to block / unblock a date click into the square in the Start days row for that day.
When clicking into an empty square the
1st click enables the date
2nd click disables the date
3rd click changes the square back to the original (white) state

If you have short breaks, you will need to remove the short break band, then enable your start day and then add your short break back in.


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