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Setting-up Break days for enhanced cleaning between bookings

Due to COVID-19 it became clear to us that we needed to provide the function for our clients to be able to add break days in-between bookings to facilitate deep cleans or allow for extended time in between changeovers. This obviates the need to add individual bookings manually before and after guest bookings.  

Please Note- this feature must be enabled by SuperControl Support before you can begin setting it up. Please contact in the first instance so we can advise. 

1. Go to Properties> Edit> Settings>Go

2. Scroll down to Availability chart options> Break days bookings.

3. If you click on the 'Manage settings' button, you will see a pop-up appear as shown below.

4. Enter the number of days between bookings that you wish to add and then click 'Save and setup'.
Once this has been applied, you will see the success message below, then you can close the pop-up.

5. If the number of days you have entered cannot be applied to certain existing bookings then you will see the message below appear. You will see a list of those bookings that will not apply the full length blocking to and you can click on each booking link and it will open the booking up in a new tab. 

New bookings however will only be allowed to be placed if the full complement of Break Days are available to block before and after.

Example: If I wanted to add 5 break days between all of my bookings but I already have booking in that had a 3 day gap in between it and the next booking then the "break day booking" will show as 3 nights long. The system will automatically just block off the total amount of days already between the booking if it is less than your specified number of days.

N.B. The break days feature does not apply to the "Copy to all" function in SuperControl. You must individually set this up for each property. This must also be done  individually for each grouped property within property groups. 

6. You can also set a date after which you wish the break days no longer to apply.
For that click onto the calendar icon to the right of the date. A drop down calendar will appear. Use the arrows to scroll up and down the months and then click the date.

(Please note: the drop down might be looking differently depending on the browser you are using)

Make sure to click Save and setup once you are happy with the settings.
A message will appear stating, if the creation of the adding of the break days (blockage bookings) was successful.
Click 'Close'.

You will be able to view your break bookings by going to Bookings>Grid view.

Break day bookings added will not apply to past bookings, just any existing bookings already in your calendar from the day you set it up and going forward.

7. Break day bookings will automatically show as Property closed bookings. By default the color of property closed booking's in SuperControl is green. You can change the color of these bookings by clicking on Grid defaults. Please note that changing the color of the property closed bookings will change the color for ALL property closed bookings, not just break day blocks.

Alternatively if you prefer you can also view your bookings in Properties> Edit>Price planner. 

Also in Properties>Edit>Availability.

All break bookings are 'property closed'  bookings and have the booking layout shown below.

Break bookings WILL:

  1. Allow you to manually edit the number of nights and even cancel the booking all together. (on an Individual basis only)
  2. Cross-update to other properties within the same SuperControl account and across multiple SuperControl accounts. (They will also apply to property sharing if you are using this.)
  3. Show as unavailable on your front end calendars.
  4. Update channel availability. 
  5. Automatically adjust if the actual guest booking dates are changed.
  6. Automatically be removed if the actual guest booking is cancelled. 

Break bookings WON'T:

  1. Trigger any automated e-mails.
  2. Have any impact on occupancy figures or reports.
How do I remove or change my block bookings?

To remove your block bookings go back to the 'Manage settings' button in the property settings.

Simply just remove the value you have input and set to "0" value. Click 'Save and setup' and this will automatically remove all of the block bookings in your SuperControl diary for that property.

To change your number of nights value to lower or higher simply just add the new value in place of the previous one and click 'Save and setup'. This will remove all previous block bookings and replace them with the new number of nights value, the above will still apply in that if the full number of nights for the break booking isn't available, it will block of the maximum that it can under the value that you have set.


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