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Copy : How do I copy prices and short breaks?

If you use OWNER or AGENCY, you can copy across your prices to the next year.

1. Go to Properties > Copy > Copy prices. Select your Source Information (the property you wish to copy prices from) and then your Destination Information to where you want to copy the prices to.

The Source and destination property can be different properties, but you can also copy prices for a property to the same property (by selecting the same property as both source and destination) and specifying an uplift, in order to uplift prices by a fixed amount or percentage. 

2. You can increase or decrease your prices by a set percentage or fixed amount, if you like. 

If you wish to show only round figures (no pence) then specify Price rounding to '0 decimals'. 

To copy your short breaks, just go to Properties > Copy > Copy short breaks.

By default this new tick box will always be ticked and the date change fields will be disabled when copying Prices. 

Also for copying short breaks..

This will mean that the system will automatically adjust the prices and short breaks to fall on the same day of the chosen year you have selected to copy to. 

If you want to manually adjust date changes to suit you then simply just untick the box and the date change fields will become available for you to edit.

The system will only copy any prices between the 01.01. and 31.12. Its not possible to copy price bands that overlap a year.
For more information, please see Copy:  Copying price bands that overlap a year

Manual update

If you use SuperControl LITE, you will need to update your pricing manually using the Price planner (Properties  Edit  Price planner). Of course, OWNER and AGENCY customers can also use this method if they prefer. 


Diane Crampton

how do we set it up on a rolling 365-day basis as you suggest

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Diane,

There is no feature were the prices will automatically roll over. However, you can easily copy your prices from one year to another ( or you can enter in your prices manually ( If you need further help please let us know.

Katie Kerr

I would like to copy prices from one property to another? How do I do that? Having several properties which should have similar prices it would be good to not have to do every price individually for every property.

Tobias Parker

Hello Katie, You can set the source and destination properties to be different properties, allowing you to copy the prices from one property to another which has similar pricing.

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