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Price bands : How do I enable price bands?

Price bands allow you to group properties together that have the same pricing. It enables you to easily copy prices from one property to multiple properties if they fall within the same price band.

It is only adviseable to use this method of adding pricing if you have several properties which share exactly the same pricing.

1. Go to Properties > Price bands.

2. Enter a price band name eg. "Price band A" and click Save.

3. Next go to Properties > Edit.

4. Click "Go" next to your first property that requires this price band.

5. Scroll to the heading "Availability chart options" and select your price band and click Save. Repeat this for all other properties that have the same pricing.

Copying prices is now much easier

6. Go to Properties > Copy > Copy prices.

7. Select your "Source information" property. This is the property you want to copy prices FROM:

8. Under "Destination information" select what year you want to copy to, how many years you want to copy and tick "Copy to all price band 'Price band A' properties".

9. If you would like to increase or decrease the prices you can do this under the heading Price Changes.

10. If copying from one year to a different year, you may need to changes dates so your pricing falls correctly in place based on the arrival day. You can do this plus doing +/- (number of days)

11. Once ready click "Copy prices".

If Copy prices does not show, make sure you have entered all destination information correctly (see point 8).


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