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Channel Integration: Post Integration

Now that you have connected your Third-party Channels, you may wish to consider the following:

1) Check your conflicting bookings list (Admin > Maintenance > Conflicting bookings)

If you have connected existing Airbnb, and/or Trip Advisor listings then we will have imported your existing upcoming bookings. If you have temporarily added admin bookings to block availability for these bookings, these will now be causing a conflict. You should delete any of these original admin bookings to allow the channel bookings to take their place.

For Agencies Only:

2) Please ensure the owner payments/commission look correct in your channel bookings (Admin > Agents > Edit Agents)

You can adjust the settings for your agent fees e.g. channel commission to ensure the owner payments/your commission is being calculated in the correct way.

Note: Only some channels provide the channel commission data. Other channels you will need to create your own agent fee and manually add to bookings. 

For more detailed information on how to make sure your agent settings are correct and how to manually add agent fees, please see this guide.


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