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Property groups : How do I add property groups?

This feature can be used for businesses that have more than one identical property, eg. several chalets of the same specification. It enables you to show one availability chart on your website, rather than a separate chart for every property. 

Adding a property group

1. Go to Properties > Property groups

2. Type in the Group name e.g. Pet friendly chalets.

3. Select the main property for this group. The main property should be the one with all of the settings and prices set up. This allows all other properties within that group to take on the same settings.

Display individually: You can group properties that you want to display individually on the website.  For example, you might own a complex where you want to group the properties by "Sea view", "Pool side", and so on. This setting in mainly for internal use as it means the properties will still display individually on your calendars.

Display grouped: A good example of using this setting would be if you had a holiday park with multiple chalets that are the same. Rather than listing each chalet as a single property on your website, you can group them all together and have them display as grouped. This means the group name will display online eg. Pet friendly chalets, and availability will only become booked if all properties within the group are booked on the same dates. Example below:

Allocating your properties to a group

1. Go to Properties > Edit > Settings > Go

2. Select your group name and Save. 

3. Repeat this step for all properties that need to be grouped.


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