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How do I set up HolidayRentPayment with my SuperControl account?

If required, it is possible for HolidayRentPayment to link multiple properties with different bank accounts. What you need to do if you wish to do this is to complete the application for the first set of properties that you wish to link to a single account: 1. Enter the details of that account in the application form, then tick only those properties in the list of properties on the form. Submit the application. 2. Once the application is approved by HRP, you can then submit the next application, with the next set of bank details and properties. 3. Repeat until each property has been approved with its relevent bank details.

1. Go to Integrations > Online payment gateways > HolidayRentPayment by Yapstone> Application form.

2. Complete all details (mandatory fields are shown in red).

3. View and agree to the terms and conditions and click Submit application. Typically in just 24 hours, you will receive confirmation from HolidayRentPayment and if the application is successful then you are ready to start taking payments.

4. Once you have recieved confirmation that your HolidayRentPayment account is active, you can then enable your card types by going to Admin > General details and tick your card payment options. Also tick “Show to public” to allow the guest to select these payment types when booking online.

The Card options (i.e. Visa and MasterCard) are only available to you if you use an online payment processor. They will remain greyed-out until you integrate a Payment Processor with your SuperControl account. These are the only two card options you need to tick for HolidayRentPayment.

The option Pay by Card is used when you wish to record payment taken via an external card terminal, outwith SuperControl. It is NOT a Card Processing option itself!

You may also wish to tick the box to be automatically notified of payments taken via HolidayRentPayment. This will inform you that payments have been successfully processed, as well as notify you of any failed payments, so you can ask the guest to pay by some other means. 

5. Click Save.

For a webinar on this topic, click here.

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For issues relating to HolidayRentPayment payments, please contact them directly. 

The email for support is-

You can also call their Customer Support team on +44 203 514 3841 

Their support service is open between Monday and Friday, 8.00 to 17.00


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