Going Live with SuperControl

Once you have set up your SuperControl account, entered your property information, pricing and any future bookings, you are ready to start taking bookings. 

Your calendar and booking pages

There are lots of ways you can display SuperControl on your website. The standard calendar view makes it easy for your guests to see at a glance what's available and what's booked. To create a consistent user experience throughout the booking process, we take the design of your website and apply it to your SuperControl booking pages. You can customise your calendar colours to complete the look. Then you add the calendar to your website.

Now, when a visitor to your website wants to book, it's easy. Just a 3-step process and they're done.

Click to see screenshots of the booking process

1. The guest clicks on the arrival date, then a pop-up shows where they select the amount of nights and the occupancy. The price will show if it is bookable, and the guest can click the "Book now" button.

2. Next they will be taken to the first Supercontrol domain page, the booking cart. With design matching, the guest wont even feel like they have been taken onto a different URL. The guest can preview the booking here, making any changes, adding a voucher code or any extras you have set on your account.

3. Then the final page is the booking form, where the guest will fill out all required details and choose their method of payment to submit the booking. It will also be compulsory for them to accept your T&C's at time of booking. If the guest is paying by card their card details will be entered into this booking form and the payment processor page will be the next in transition to take payment securely. 

Processing online bookings

When you log into your SuperControl account, you arrive on the payment reminders page. It provides a good overview about what's happening; you can see any payments that are due or overdue, as well as any new bookings you have (these show in bold until you have clicked on them to view them).

When you click on a booking you can see all of the booking details, the payment summary, answers to any questions you added to your booking form, and any notes you make are saved here too. This all helps you personalise the guest's experience and makes them feel really valued.

You can take and log payments here, view history and correspondence (including any emails that are scheduled to send automatically); the whole booking can be managed from here.

Taking bookings over the phone

You can still take bookings face-to-face, over the phone or by email. The Grid view shows availability at a glance; you can see all of your bookings and they are colour coded to show the booking's status. It shows provisional bookings, bookings where the guest has part or fully paid, and if the property is closed.

To place a booking manually, you simply click on the arrival day and then fill in the booking details.

If it's a returning guest, you can click Lookup past customers and it will fill in these details for you (pulled from previous records saved in your SuperControl database. When you click save it generates the booking, and from here on you manage the booking in exactly the same way you manage one that has been made online.

Making the most of SuperControl

SuperControl has a whole host of clever features to help you boost your bookings and save you time. You can set up emails to send automatically when certain criteria are met, create special offers and discounts, monitor what booking sources work well for you and more.


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